Refined Websites
for Entrepreneurs and Artists

An efficient, beautiful and affordable custom WordPress website.  A design that accurately reflects your intention and a framework that allows you to easily update your own content.

“Lucas has created a site that not only looks great but is able to showcase my products in an fast and efficient way. He was able to take my vision for my website in a whole new direction that I didn’t think was possible. I hope to have Lucas working on all of my companies web media and will definitely recommend him to all my friends.”

Bill Simmons – President EtchCraft Creative Glass

“In this market of over-entitled web designers, Lucas is a breath of fresh air.  It was a joy to work with Lucas on conceptualizing the site and he delivered fast and with great attention to quality. When I walked into the first client meeting after our new sales site had been built, they sat looking at the website saying ‘wow’!”

Neil Hammond – Learnbase

So! Recently I realized that my poor neglected website was in SERIOUS need of a makeover! So I got on the horn with my brother Lucas and asked him if he could help. 

Knowing ZERO about web design, (or even how to maintain my site – yeesh) I didn’t want to have to lift a finger. He asked me some questions, we chose a design package to suit my needs and he was off! A VERY short time later, I now have this stunning website www.lovebreephotography.com and it is prettier and more functional (read: perfect) than I could have ever imagined. It screams ME! Being someone who’s business is almost exclusively visual, having a website that give my viewers a sense of not only what I do but WHO I AM is of the utmost importance to me. Lucas is reliable, creative and he has a special talent for knowing exactly what you want, even when you don’t know it yourself! 

If you know anyone who is looking for web design, send them straight away to Rh45!

Bree Gaudette (www.lovebreephotography.com)

“Lucas is the perfect all round website and graphic design artist. Willing to tackle any and all aspects of making your business visually stunning I will be working with him again for sure.”

Lucas Trottier (vancouverdojo.com)

“Lucas is genius.  He works incredibly fast and was highly intuitive with how I wanted things to look.  The website, art book/catalog, art cards and marketing materials were masterfully designed in a very timely manner .  Lucas is the consummate professional and a delight to work with. I couldn’t have got a better result with a large company – he’s worth his weight in gold…or rather rhodium!” 

Mardi (www.mardi.ca)

“Lucas has an incredible gift to tune into your mind’s eye.  Mixed with his wizardry, you can’t help to be in awe of the final product.” 


Tone Floreal, VP of ThorpTech (www.thorptech.net)

“We had been searching for a couple of years for someone to build our new web site.  Someone who could really appreciate and understand the essence of our beautiful sanctuary.  We struggled with different people and wasted time and money until one day a friend of mine, Brian Silver, said: I have the guy for you… That’s when we met Lucas – and to our joy we found an extraordinarily talented young man. Lucas is fast, creative and quite frankly he blew our socks off. His work speaks for itself and to know Lucas, is to know efficiency, beauty, and pure genius.  

He is easy to work with and always says “yes”.  Wow, I am in awe of how quickly we have our new site up and running from start to finish.  The first thing he did was come to our Retreat Centre so he could have a direct experience of the place.  He offered his creative input as well as incorporating ours… nothing was too difficult or small for him to take the time and interest in.  He is open, technically savvy, enormously creative and makes it look effortless.  He is fun to be around and the Xenia team has thoroughly enjoyed the process.  

Thank you Lucas and I would and will highly recommend you.  This is over-the-top from what I expected.”

Angelyn (www.xeniacentre.com)

“I have worked with Lucas and was very pleased with his work in the past.  But it was time to update my website after few years and I though of him.  I showed Lucas a website that I really liked and he was able to do exactly what i wanted and even more in just a few days.  He did an amazing job on my website, I am one happy customer!  He is easy to deal with as well, very professional and easy going.”

Kirill Bordon (kirillbordon.com)

“I can’t recall a problem that Lucas couldn’t solve.”

He just gets it done no matter what it is.  If I need him to show me something, he’s patient and has answers.  Even if he doesn’t know how to do something he figures it out and solves the problem.  Good design work too.  Thanks Lucas.”

James U (ujimotoproperties.com)

“Once in a while you find people that are so capable that you no longer need to hire anyone else.”

My business partner and I have been developing a business for several years now and we have worked with many creative people along the way, including Lucas, to help us develop different parts of our marketing package.  Once in a while you find people that are so capable that you no longer need to hire anyone else.  Lucas is one of those people and will continue to be a part of our team when we need his skills.   Whether your project is large or small you will want to work with this man, he is among the best you will ever find.”

Brian Silver, Ag47 Designs, Inc.